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Does the Tram allow transfers?

  • The Citizen ('Ciudadana') and Bus cards give you transfers between the Tram and city buses for an hour. Return trips on the same line are not counted as transfers. When transferring, do not forget to validate your card again when entering the Tram - the cost of the trip will not be deducted. A single ticket for the Tram is valid for only one trip and does not include transfers.
    The InterBUS card also permits transfers between the Tram, intercity buses and local trains.

Can I buy my ticket in the Tram?

No. Board the Tram with a ticket bought previously from the ticket machine at the stop, or use your transport card (with enough funds) for the trip. You must validate your ticket or card as soon as you board in one of the validating machines located just inside each of the doors. The ticket machine in the Tram is only for topping up cards for later journeys and not the current one.

At what age do children have to pay?

Children under the age of 4 do not need a ticket. Anyone over the age of 4 needs to pay to travel in the Tram.

Do the carriages have areas reserved for wheelchairs and seats for people with reduced mobility?

  • Each tram has 4 places for wheelchairs, indicated on the inside as well as outside. Wheelchair users must enter the tram via the double doors as indicated. When no wheelchairs or prams occupy these areas, you may use the foldable seats. Each of these areas has a seatbelt. There is a yellow call button at the right height for people in wheelchairs which, when pushed, alerts the driver that a wheelchair user wishes to leave the tram.

    Each vehicle has a further 16 seats reserved for people with reduced mobility, pregnant women and those carrying babies - all of these are clearly indicated and located near the doors. Each tram has 4 ischiatic supports for those people who cannot sit in a conventional seat.

What is the right way to place a pram on the Tram?

  • A pram must go in the indicated area - where the foldable seats are located. There are 4 areas of this type in each tram.
    The pram should face the opposite direction to the movement of the tram and have its brake on..

Where do I pay my fine?

You can pay your fine at the Customer Service Point in the Bulevard de Gran Vía or at the Zaragoza Tram facilities in Valdespartera (Avenida Gómez Laguna, 160).

When and how can I take my bicycle on the Tram?

  • In accordance with the Passenger Regulations, it is possible to travel with a bicycle when the frequency of trams is lower than once every 5 minutes, as long as other users are not inconvenienced. This will be verified by the inspectors.
    Users must respect the reserved areas where the foldable seats are located; priority is for people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs and prams.

How can I enter the Subsidised Intermodal Car Park?

  • If you have a Citizen ('Ciudadana') or Bus card, you only need to validate it on the reader at the entrance. Otherwise, press the button and a parking ticket will automatically be issued.

    If you intend to travel by Tram later, you should validate you card or parking ticket on board for each trip you take. Payment is made when you collect your vehicle, using the ticket machines in the car park.

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