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  • Single

    1.60€ (one trip, no transfer)

  • Citizen ('Ciudadana') / Bus / Lazo / InterBUS Card

    0.43€ (transfer permitted)

    Single and return journeys on the same line are not considered to be transfers. All transfers in a period of an hour from the first paid trip are free. The transfer price for the intercity buses varies according to the destination.

  • Season tickets

      30/90/365 day season tickets Young Person's Card ('Carnet Joven')
    TO UP 30* 22.50€ -
    TO UP 90 59.00€ 44.50€
    TO UP 365 202.50€ 152.50€

    *The price of the Season Ticket 30 is €18.00 for users with an income of below €15,000 (tax base). For the long-term unemployed, the price of the Season Ticket 30 is €0.50.

  • Car Park Ticket

    0.43€ (each trip by Tram)

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