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How to travel

  • card

    • Ensure your card is valid and has funds available before boarding the Tram.
    • With transfers, check the information on your card before boarding the Tram.
  • single

    • Purchased from the ticket machine at the stop.
    • Expires an hour after being issued.
    • Valid for a single trip. No transfers available.
  • ticket machines

    • Information in English, French and  Braille plus a helpline. 
    • If you have any doubts, press the information intercom button.
    • The ticket machine inside the Tram can only be used for topping up and after you have validated your card.
YOU MUST VALIDATE your ticket or card when you board the Tram.
  • When the Tram is crowded, stand in the aisles between the seats. Respect the reserved seats.
  • Please allow people off the Tram before boarding. Bicycles are only allowed on the Tram during off-peak hours.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Tram unless they are in an approved carrier. Guide dogs are allowed on board.
Keep hold of your ticket throughout your trip. Children under the age of 4 do not need a ticket. See Passenger Regulations. See Passenger Regulations.
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