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The Urbos 3 model, manufactured by CAF in their plant in Zaragoza, uses the very latest technology, aiming to offer a service which is effective, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The design comes from the Fabrizio Giugiario school, which is responsible for the different models of Ferrari and Maserati. From the outset, CAF worked with ONCE and the DFA Foundation to make the Tram fully accessible to all.

on the outside

  • Energy savings. The major technological advance in the Zaragoza Tram is the RCA system (Rapid Charge Accumulator). It is based on a series of supercapacitors situated in the upper part of the carriages, allowing braking energy to be recovered - leading to a 35% saving in electricity. Likewise, these supercapacitors are recharged in the tram stops without overhead cables, which allows it to run without being connected to the cable between the Gran Vía and La Chimenea stops. These two kilometres are the longest section without overhead cables for any tram in Spain.

  • At ground level. The Tram is only 35 cm above the ground. At the stops, this distance is not a problem because the platforms are slightly raised, facilitating the access of wheelchairs, prams and shopping carts.

  • Colours for Zaragoza. Metallic grey, black and red are the colours chosen for the carriages. The decorative wave running along the vehicle is the same as the graphic identity for the Zaragoza brand.

  • Large doors and windows. Each tram, consisting of five carriages, has six doors per side, four of these being double to allow easy access for people with reduced mobility. All of them can be used to enter and exit. The large windows provide luminosity and a great perception of the outside world.

the interior

Maximum comfort

The Urbos 3 can transport 200 people (including 52 seated) in comfort.

Fully accessible

Together with seats reserved for people with reduced mobility, there are designated spaces for wheelchairs (four per tram) - equipped with seat belts. Likewise, there are ischiatic supports (vertical backrests) for those who cannot sit conventionally.


The Tram has been awarded the highest safety certificate: the SIL4. This is the same as the driverless underground trains in Barcelona, for example.


The seats on the Zaragoza Tram are made of wood, with the guarantee that they have been made 100% with wood from sustainable forests.

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