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    Global Light Rail Awards. Best Environmental & Sustainability Initiative

    London, 5 October 2016

    The prizes award tramway operators of all over the World. The award recognises the reduction of private vehicles in Zaragoza since Line 1 is in service.


    Cemex International Award for Infrastructures and Town Planning

    México DF, 1 November 2013

    This prize - awarded to the Zaragoza Tram from among 500 projects selected - values the urban integration project designed for the Line 1 track by AldayJover Arquitectura y Paisaje for the Joint Venture construction company formed by FCC and ACCIONA. Thus, the urban development that the city has experienced (renovating areas such as the pedestrian walkway along Gran Vía and the pedestrianisation of Coso and César Augusto) with the implementation of the Tram is rewarded.

  • 'Actualidad Económica' Prize for the Best Public Initiative of the Year

    Zaragoza, 3 October 2013

    The award - given by 'Actualidad Económica' magazine - forms part of the 2013 Business Success Awards and values the public-private formula that made it possible to have one of the most modern Tram systems in the world up and running in record time.


    LightWorld Awards 2013 Prize for the Best Initiative for the Customer

    Madrid, 10 April 2013

    Recognition for "one of the increasingly important objectives for public transport in the 21st century: passenger experience and innovation in customer service". Other factors were valued: punctuality and efficiency of the service; good, innovative ticketing; clear and precise information for the passenger; commitment to the community and links via 'social media'; and technological innovation to improve the user experience.

  • Zagalleta 2012 Prize. DFA Foundation

    Zaragoza, 12 December 2012

    With this award, the organisation wanted to reward "the work in favour of universal accessibility and the initiative to incorporate specialists into the Tram technical team in the area of accessibility who could provide their experience and knowledge so the matter of accessibility could be taken into account and which have led to very satisfactory solutions being provided".

  • Solidarity Award. ONCE Aragon

    Zaragoza, 25 October 2012

    The Zaragoza Tram received the Solidarity Award from the ONCE in the category of Public Institutions "as it is a means of transport that is totally accessible for all citizens and because from the very start it has been in contact with the Aragonese organisations for the disabled to achieve complete accessibility".

  • 'Territorio & Marketing' Award for Urban Development

    Barcelona, 18 October 2012

    In the category of Urban Development, the Zaragoza Tram obtained the prize that highlighted a project "that generates added value for residents and visitors".

  • Light Rail Awards 2012 for the Best Global Project of the Year

    London, 3 October 2012

    The award - presented by the British Ministry of Transport - was given "for the development of the project, business model, economic implementation, provision to public transport in the city, sustainability, modernity in its tracks and innovative technology".

  • UITP Prize for Best Urban Integration Project

    Warsaw, 9 May 2012

    In the presence of 200 experts from around the world, with this award the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) recognised "an innovative and benchmark project; avant garde, effective and comfortable transport".

  • Zaragoza, prize for Intelligent Transport Systems in Urban Traffic

    Madrid, 26 April 2012

    Zaragoza Council - through the Urban Mobility Service in the Public Services area - was rewarded in the XII Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in recognition of the work undertaken to renovate the traffic light system in the city. This project facilitated the later implementation of the dynamic traffic light priority system in the hub of the Tram.

  • Zaragoza, winner of the Spanish Week of Sustainable Mobility Award

    Madrid, 22 September 2011

    The Spanish Ministry of Environment gave this award to Zaragoza Council for the implementation of Line 1 of the Zaragoza Tram, promotion of the use of bicycles and installation of connections for electric vehicles.

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